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Client service is the core of what we do at Koszyn & Company. And the finest, most experienced, and talented staff leads the charge and is instrumental in training professionals growing into their careers. Education and training that leads towards professional development supports that work. 

Since its inception, Koszyn & Company has always compensated its interns, who have all gone on to remarkable careers. Many of the intern cohorts have stayed on at the firm, at times moving up to full-time positions following their years-long training. 

Meet our 2023 interns:



Lianna Byler is a junior at Yale University pursuing a B.A. in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Food and Agriculture. At Yale, Lianna is the President of the Rural Students Alliance at Yale (RSAY) which focuses on building a rural student community on campus and helping the Admissions Office with outreach to rural and small-town high schoolers. She also works as a student researcher in the Yale University Office of Development.




Amanda Metzger joined Koszyn and Company in November 2022. She received her BA from Bates College with a major in History and a minor in Rhetoric and Film Studies. During college, she was involved with the student newspaper and equestrian team. She has also participated in the Bates Film Festival and the Edinburgh University Student Choir (while abroad) and has interned as a stage manager.



Jiaao Yu has joined Koszyn & Company as a recent graduate from Smith College, where she earned a dual degree in Economics and Statistics and Data Science. She possesses technical skills in various software programs, such as R, Python, Tableau, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as experience using Bloomberg and Wind for financial modeling. Jiaao has gained relevant experience in the finance industry through her internships at Huatai Securities and Wonderland Capital, where she focused on investment project management, due diligence investigations, and business proposal drafting. Jiaao is fluent in Chinese and English and is conversational in Spanish. 

2020-2022 Koszyn & Company Interns

Evan Aanerud, University of Minnesota Morris (currently at Carnegie Mellon)

Isabella Beroutsos, Harvard University 

Andrew Bortey, Yale University (currently at Fordham Law School)

Daniel de Castro, Harvard University

James Chen, Harvard University

Noelle Chung, Harvard University

Sandra Dai, University of Chicago
Zachary Geinzer, New York University
Gabriela Goizueta, Yale University 

Alessandra Hernández, Northwestern University
Nathan Lesser, Cornell University

Allan Lopez, Stanford University

Lily McClain, Northwestern University (currently a Koszyn & Company Associate)

Evan Myers, Northwestern University

Isabelle Nimick, Princeton University

Jas Ogiste, Oberlin College 

Ashley Zeng, Cornell University

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