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Recommended Articles

The New York Times 11.8.2015
Paul Allen’s Philanthropy Mirrors His Passions and Business Approach
“’It always comes back to what you are passionate about,’ said Mr. Allen, 62. Through philanthropy, he said, ‘you are transmitting your hopes, and keeping them going in the future.’”
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 The New York Times 11.2.2015
Marc Benioff, Salesforce Chief, on the Strategic Benefits of Corporate Giving

“Besides his own giving, Mr. Benioff, 51, runs Salesforce with a “1-1-1” philosophy, annually donating 1 percent of its equity, 1 percent of its employee time and 1 percent of its product to non-profits in communities where its employees live and work. That crossover of the once separate acts of traditional work and giving, he says, is a key part of building a company in a connected world.”
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The New York Times 10.31.2015
Major Foundations, Eager for Big Change, Aim High

“Climate change, inequality and a broken criminal justice system are the issues du jour, commanding headlines and emerging as major talking points in the presidential campaign, at least for Democrats. They are also, increasingly, the focus of some of the nation’s largest philanthropies.”
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Client News


Greenwich Patch 04.12.2017
Greenwich Historical Society Breaks Ground on New Campus
“A major milestone is being celebrated for the Reimagine the Greenwich Historical Society Campus Campaign with the official launch of the construction phase of the new campus. First announced to the public in November of 2015, the visionary $18.5 million campaign will enable the Historical Society to dramatically transform its campus to provide better access to its facilities and enrich its education and preservation programs.”
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The New York Times 04.03.2017
Muslim Culture Show a Hit at Children’s Museum of Manhattan
“’As a first-of-its-kind exhibition, the content of ‘America to Zanzibar’ is new for most visitors,’ said Andrew Ackerman, the museum’s executive director. ‘Many parents are eager for their children to experience a broad range of cultures in a deeper way than what they encounter in the media. Our exhibition helps address this need.’”
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The New York Times 09.22.2016
What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week
“Tragedy has always inspired art and literature, and the continuing saga of racism and violence against African-Americans provides another depressingly fertile chapter. “Off White” at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, organized by Akintola Hanif, offers what an introductory wall text calls a “counternarrative”: Black artists depicting racial bias and challenging viewers to think about their own responsibilities within the system.”
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The New York Times 09.22.2016
As Flagship Returns, South Street Museum Aims to Right Its Course
“The ship, Wavertree, has long been the pride of the museum’s little fleet. It will sail back to its berth at Pier 16 from Staten Island on Saturday after a 16-month, $13 million restoration that amounted to an almost stem-to-stern overhaul. An afternoon of festivities — with live music, educational activities and more — will commence at 1 p.m.”
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T Magazine 06.06.2016
The Transcendent Artistry of a Legendary Dancer, Four Decades In
“‘We want to say that dance is supposed to be the freest medium of them all,” Jones told me after lunch, adopting as he sometimes does the first person plural, asking his listener to think along with him. “Dance is supposed to transcend language. Dance is supposed to be universal language. When I move my arm, we all have an arm: We can feel this. When I run, we can all feel it.'”
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The Wall Street Journal 04.26.2016
Pharrell Williams, Daniel Arsham and Jonah Bokaer Team Up for ‘Rules of the Game’
“Bokaer has already declared the piece to be ‘the most ambitious and demanding to render’ that he’s been involved with, but all three agree that that’s part of the anticipation and fun. The show is coming, and the lab is humming with the magic of three unusual brains.”
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The New York Times 02.01.2016
At Museum of Mathematics, Meet 2 Beavers That’ll Never Meet

“’We want to get people curious about why the beavers are not meeting and hopefully get a glimpse into the reason why mathematicians are interested in doing proofs and the power those proofs provide.”
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