Koszyn & Company is a high-powered, fast-paced firm. We have the highest standards for our team. We seek both the best and brightest young professionals in their early careers who want to push their limits as well as seasoned professionals who think strategically and creatively. Eager, ambitious, and highly professional staffers who want to rise to the occasion and grow no matter what phase in their careers thrive at Koszyn & Company.

Here is what we look for:

The ability to honor confidentiality comprehensively and on all levels
Grace under pressure
Superb work ethic, which includes reliability and punctuality
A “silver lining,” “glass is half full,” attitude
Professionalism—the focus here at Koszyn & Company is always on the work and getting the job done

History & Future

Our full-time workers average 4.5 years with the company. Many move on to important positions in the non-profit sector, or build companies of their own. Koszyn & Company employees have gone to work for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Center for Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy, The Brennan Center for Justice, and the Ford Foundation, among many others. Several have entered advanced degree programs in the arts, comparative languages, and business and law schools.

The Infrastructure

Koszyn & Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer with a competitive salary and benefits package. There are many opportunities for advancement within the company, and all employees take part in a structured formal review process.

Current Openings

Koszyn & Company is accepting applications for paid Spring Internships. More information about our internships is available here.

While we are always accepting applications, there are currently no new full-time positions available. Please send a resume and cover letter to